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After 30 years of developing extraordinary educational experiences, The Davis Academy is thrilled to bring special programming and resources that engage, connect and support families with young children throughout greater Atlanta. 

Nurture engages, connects and supports families with young children throughout the greater Atlanta community.

It takes a village to raise a parent. 

We believe families thrive when they have a support network (a village) that has their back. Nurture offers an array of resources and programs that help families explore their identities, connect with one another, and discover the many local resources that are available to help guide them through the amazing and sometimes complex journey of raising children in today's world. Nurture provides:

a sense of joyful belonging

opportunities to connect families with young children at a similar age and stageprofessional resources for guidance and advice

Our Values


Wonder is engaging our senses, heart, and soul as we discover the world in all its beauty.


Community is knowing that our journeys intertwine and that our lives are richer because of relationships.


Respect is the starting point for all meaningful relationships and interactions. 

The Davis Academy 

Nurture is an initiative of The Davis Academy, a Reform Jewish Day School in Sandy Springs, Georgia. From Mechina (kindergarten prep) through eighth grade, The Davis Academy provides a challenging and enriching education based on an innovative, student-centric curriculum. The Davis Academy and Nurture are committed to the development of the whole child while supporting the entire family. Learn more about The Davis Academy.