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Supporting our families and a love of learning are the foundations of all of our programs. Families and tots connect through experiential learning, interactive playtime, and social engagement during our Mini Cub, Cub Club programs and Parenting Workshops. Our classes and programs are designed to spark connection, growth, and inspiration among children and adults.  

Our goal is for younger children and their families to experience the delight of discovery and socialization together. We rejoice with one another during this special age where children begin the joy of learning through center-based play, art, music, and storytelling.

Families with newborns and tots will connect with one another as they discover the unique wonders of this precious stage.


Through engaging monthly programs, preschoolers and the adults who love them will experience the joy of discovery and learning. 


Together we will navigate the takhlis (nitty-gritty) of parenting in order to plant the seeds to help your child grow.


Upcoming Programs